Ilim Groups allocates more than RUB 8 billion for environmental projects in 2021

Last year, the Company implemented the investment program worth RUB 43 billion with environmental project costs amounting to RUB 8.6 billion.

В 2021 году «Илим» направил на экологические проекты более 8 млрд рублей

In 2021, Ilim Group completed a number of large projects, which would help to improve the environmental performance of the Mills in the short-term run.

Three Lime Kilns (LK 4, 5, 6) at Ilim Group’s Bratsk Mill were equipped with new electrostatic precipitators. The project worth RUB 1.4 billion was implemented as part of the Clean Air federal program. As a result, the project will support a 2.5 reduction of lime dust emissions in 2022 vs 2018. Furthermore, Ilim Group upgraded the NCG incineration system at RB14 at the Bratsk Mill last year and continued the upgrade of its wastewater treatment facilities and polishing treatment facilities.

The Koryazhma Mill rebuilt Recovery Boiler 5 (RB 5), upgraded RB3 3 electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and completed construction of a new woodroom in 2021. The Mill was Ilim Group’s first production site to receive an integrated environmental permit that confirmed the high level of environmental safety at the Mill.

Lime Kiln 3 at the Ust-Ilimsk Mill was upgraded and now the equipment will use a new technology that will contribute to a significant increase in its capacity and a reduction in fuel consumption.

In 2021, Ilim Group also implemented a number of reforestation initiatives. The Company completed reforestation of 47 thousand ha. Ilim Group’s reforestation costs amounted to RUB 600 million last year. A total of 6 million seedlings were planted including more than 4 million ball-rooted seedlings.


Environment protection is one of the key priorities of Ilim Group. The Environmental action plan is implemented comprehensively in four areas covering reduction of emissions, contaminant discharges, waste disposal, and digitization of environmental processes.