From tree to paper

We add value and improve the quality of life using a renewable natural resource. From Russia – worldwide.


We are the leading pulp and paper company in Russia. Through an international partnership, we implement global best practices in the Russian forest industry and ensure its global competitiveness.


Safety and Environment

Safety of people and environment protection are our key values.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is our key goal at every stage of product manufacturing and delivery process.

Sustainable Development

Our priorities are sustainable growth, responsible forest management, social responsibility and talent development.


We implement global best practices, promote manufacturing excellence, improve the quality of our products and support proactivity.

Industry Leadership

We operate in accordance with our corporate rules and standards and take accountability for results.

Priorities of the company for 2023

Compliance and Business Ethics

JSC Ilim Group is committed to insuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, industry codes, organizational, good governance and ethics standards, as well as best practices and public expectations.

Ilim’s compliance system ensures that the Company carries out its business activity in line with applicable legislation, industry standards, and other mandatory requirements. In 2022, Ilim Group has successfully achieved the certification of its compliance system under ISO 37301:2021 (Compliance Management Systems).

The Company perceives compliance with the relevant requirements and expectations as an opportunity for impactful and sustainable development.

Ilim Group approved the following key documents:

  • Code of Business Ethics is applicable to all Company employees. This document establishes the fundamental principles that the Company with international shareholders and worldwide operating business should be adhered to. The Company's standards of ethics are an ethical compass helping the employees find their way out of difficult situations.

  • Compliance System Memorandum determines the framework for compliance management system required for efficient and rational compliance risk management, development and compliance culture promotion. The document outlines company-specific key values, strategic goals and risks related to compliance.

  • Compliance Policy sets basic principles of overall compliance system functioning in the Company in accordance with the requirements established by ISO 37307:2021.