List of products

Ilim Group products are certified in accordance with international standards

2,184 mln tons of pulp per year
1,014 000 tons of board per year
303,000 tons white papers per year
130,000 tons corrugated packaging per year

The Company’s mills produce over 75% of all domestically produced market pulp, 20% of board, and 10% of paper. The Company's total annual pulp and paper output exceeds 3.6 million tons.

Key focus areas of Ilim Group strategy

Ilim Group became the first Russian company to receive the Legal Source European certificate allowing Ilim to sell its products in the European market in accordance with EU Timber Regulation without any additional confirmation of the legal sourcing of the fiber used in the production process. The certificate confirms that Ilim exercises due diligence at all timber sourcing stages and that its products are compliant with all European requirements.