Information for suppliers

This section contains information on Ilim Group purchasing process

Ilim Group purchases inventories in a centralized way, on the basis of an electronic trading platform - B2B-Center, as well as a SRM purchase management system developed by SAP AG

Key benefits for suppliers for choosing Ilim Group

Low risks due to the Company’s economic stability

Sustainable growth of Ilim Group’s mills

Centralized procurement system

Diversity in terms of categories

A wide range of products

Testing new personal protective equipment at Ilim Group locations

Scheme of work with suppliers

Mutually beneficial, long-term, and open cooperation with our partners is in Ilim’s best interests.

Find the information for suppliers on the page below and in the guide for procurement procedure participants. Download the guide

Register in SAP SRM Ilimgroup purchase management system

Read about the procurement procedures and send us your quotation

Terms of participation in purchasing

  • IIf your company is already Ilim Group’s supplier, please update your company’s data in the purchase management system - To get an access to the system, enter your login and password sent to your e-mail address. If your company is not Ilim Group’s supplier yet, you can register in the procurement management system

  • Once registered, you will receive an e-mail containing your login and password. If the system notifies you that the company or email address have already been registered, please contact your manager in Ilim Group to clarify the registration data.

  • Registration in the SAP SRM system is free. According to the Company's internal standards, all contractors are checked by the Company’s Security Department In order to become Ilim Group’s partner, you need to win at least one tender.

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