Business Profile

Ilim Group is at the forefront of the Russian pulp and paper industry in terms of production volumes and operating efficiency. Ilim is the largest investor in the Russian forest industry. The Company ranks 3rd in Europe and 10th globally in terms of market pulp production volumes.

3 641 000 tons Production volume in 2021

2,160,000 tons of pulp
815,000 tons of board
532,000 tons of paper
131,000 tons of corrugated packaging

2021 Key indicators

$1,1 billion


$594,5 mln


$540,5 mln

Profit of

$9,9 mln

NPI effect of

Business Plan through 2025

Ilim Group is a global company striving to secure its leading role in all key pulp and paper segments while remaining one of the most profitable companies in the industry. To achieve these goals we have developed an action plan reflected in the Business Plan through 2025 which involves the development and upgrade of the Company’s locations in Bratsk, Koryazhma, and Ust-Ilimsk.

The Business Plan provides for implementation of a number of projects to upgrade the facilities, improve the efficiency of operations and the quality of products, reduce the Company's environmental footprint, and increase production volumes. Development of the Mills will be accompanied by an increase in own harvesting volumes and broader involvement of third party wood suppliers.

Major projects


Big Ust-Ilimsk

Construction of a New Oxygen Plant. Oxygen Delignification Plant Retrofit

Woodyard Construction

Evaporators Retrofit

RB3 Retrofit

Increase of Market Products Output: Line 1 and 2 Retrofit

Lime Kilns Retrofit


RB11 Retrofit

Construction of Vacuum Evaporation Plant 8

KLB Line Rebuild

New Woodyard Construction

HW Line Rebuild

Evaporators 6 and 7 Retrofit

Caustic Plant Rebuild

Upgrade of the Flue Gas Cleaning Systems


RB1 Rebuild

PM 6 Upgrade

New Woodyard Construction

Key focus areas of Ilim Group strategy

Strategy in Asia

Upgrade of the production facilities in Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk

New Pulp and Paperboard Mill in Ust-Ilimsk

Satellite businesses

Launch of a new business

Strategy in Europe + Russia

Conversion of white papers to packaging

Improvement of product quality

Long-term business sustainability strategy

Automation and digitalization of key processes

Sustainable forest management

Product innovations