Ilim Group Offers the Best Forestry Digital Solution

Ilim Group won in the Best Forestry Digital Solution category.

Лучшее цифровое решение в лесной промышленности у Группы «Илим»

Ilim Group won in the Best Forestry Digital Solution category. “ComNews Awards. Best Digital Economy Solution” prize was granted to the developers of the project “New MES Implementation at the KLB Mill in Ust-Ilimsk”.

The KLB Mill in Ust-Ilimsk implemented the best technology solutions, which brought it recognition at “ComNews Awards. Best Digital Economy Solutions” ceremony. The award was delivered to Irina Pirogova, Vice President Information Technology, Andrey Alimov, Head of Team, Digital Technology Development Department, Ruslan Gulevich, Digital Technology Development Director, and to Vladimir Solomin, General Director of JSC Unicon AP. The award was presented by Mikhail Koryagin, Acting Technical Director of FGUP GlavNIVTs of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation.

The roll-out of MES CAT, developed jointly by Ilim Group and Unicon, helped to minimize the human factor and secure complete information for production management through the integration of manufacturing systems, from order to warehouse. The system therefore streamlined decision-making by management.

Ilim Group’s IT strategy involves the implementation of 20 programs consisting of more than 100 projects aimed at current process support and development. These are programs that cover all Company’s operations from wood supply to distribution management and are designed to improve performance and transform in-house business processes.

ComNews Awards were granted to the companies that implemented the best IT solutions for business process digitization in 2023. This year, the participants filed more than 380 applications, only 105 of which were shortlisted. Main criteria for choosing projects included focus on innovation, significance for the company and industry in general, as well as effectiveness and transparency.

About Ilim Group:

Ilim Group is the leader of the Russian pulp and paper industry and one of the industry leaders globally. The Company is one of the world’s top seven producers of bleached softwood pulp and kraftliner.

In 2022, the annual finished products output totaled 3.63 million tons. By 2026, Ilim intends to increase its export volumes up to 4.6 million tons. In Russia, the company accounts for 77% of all market pulp, 16% of packaging materials, and 25% of white papers produced.

About half of Ilim products are exported to China, where the Company is the leading player in the wood-free corrugated materials segment. In 2022, the Company’s supply volume amounted to record-breaking 1.72 million tons. The Company’s priority by 2025 is to increase supplies to China by 40% to reach 2.4 million tons per year.

Apart from its key Russian and Chinese markets, Ilim also prioritizes the markets of the Middle East, India, Africa, and Latin America.