Ilim Group Becomes a Partner of the Context. Diana Vishneva Festival

Ilim Group has become a strategic partner of the IX Context. Diana Vishneva international festival of contemporary choreography.

«Илим» выступил партнером фестиваля Context. Diana Vishneva

The festival events will take place this autumn in Moscow and St. Petersburg. With the festival featuring both the main and parallel programs this year, the key festival events will be the Russian Contemporary Choreography Gala Night, which will be held in October in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the Scheherazade ballet starring Diana Vishneva, the People’s Artist of Russia and a principal dancer of the Mariinsky Theater.

Specially for the festival a book about Pina Bausch, a legendary dancer, and the Scheherazade ballet booklet have been published. Both books were printed on high-quality coated Omela paper produced by Ilim Group.

“Over several years, Ilim Group has been supporting the Context festival as well as other projects implemented by the Diana Vishneva Foundation. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to contribute to implementation of this outstanding project, support development of the ballet in Russia and worldwide as well as support new discoveries and development of a new language in choreography. Every year the events arranged by the Foundation leave the audience with unforgettable memories and inspire young choreographers and gifted dancers to seek new challenges and break new ground. Being a company headquartered in St. Petersburg, it is particularly important for us to be involved in the Foundation’s initiatives. Ballet constitutes a part of the great history of our city and the Diana Vishneva Foundation not only works towards preserving this legacy but also offers unique opportunities for young talents to unleash their potential. By supporting the Foundation’s initiatives, we invest in the future of the art in which our country takes justifiable pride”, emphasized Ksenia Sosnina, Ilim Group CEO.

“The lessons we learned in 2020 has prompted us to search for new dimensions and formats. While keeping focus on promotion of Russian contemporary choreography, we would also like to support choreographers and dancers in implementing their new ideas. The mark they leave on history will serve as a hallmark of the entire generation of the Russian contemporary dance artists in the XXI century”, said Diana Vishneva, the festival’s founder and art director, a principal dancer of the Mariinsky Theater. “This is a special year as we are moving towards the 10th anniversary of the festival. It will be an important milestone for us, a moment to take stock of what we have achieved and start a new chapter. I value our partnership with Ilim Group, which has been supporting the Foundation and its initiatives for many years, including one of its largest projects, the Context. Diana Vishneva festival. This year, together with Ilim Group we have published special printing products commemorating the Scheherazade ballet and the festival in general.

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Every year Ilim Group supports significant social and cultural projects, healthcare institutions, junior sports organizations and orphanages, as well as veterans and children with disabilities with over RUB 700 million allocated for these projects in 2020. The cultural projects, which Ilim supported last year, include the Message to Man International Film Festival, the Context. Diana Vishneva international festival of contemporary choreography and The Iron Age. Europe without Borders exhibition held by the Hermitage.

The Diana Vishneva Foundation for Ballet Promotion and Development was established in 2010 by Diana Vishneva, People’s Artist of Russia and a principal dancer of the Mariinsky Theater. The Foundation’s initiatives are focused on promotion and improvement of accessibility of ballet. The largest project of the Foundation, the Context. Diana Vishneva international festival of contemporary choreography, gives the audience an opportunity to see the best contemporary dance performances, it erases the borders between different genres and helps young talents to unleash their potential. The festival program includes both foreign and Russian dance performances, film screenings and workshops.