Ilim Group stands first in the ranking of information transparent companies in the Russian forest sector

Ilim Group was ranked first in the information transparency ranking of 2018.

Группа «Илим» заняла первое место в рейтинге информационной прозрачности компаний ЛПК России

The analysis results were published in the first issue of the Forest Industry magazine of 2019.

The ranking was based on the total number of points earned by the participants against 52 criteria. The analysis was based on the information contained in three main public sources: Articles of Association and in-house regulations, information for the shareholders, annual and interim statements provided by the companies at the information disclosure server; information published at the company’s website including the lists of documents related to this company. At the same time the currentness of data was taken into consideration.

“Ilim Group scored a total of 46 points, which is 4.5 points more than in 2017, when the company got 41.5 points and was third in the ranking. Ilim Group started to share more about its profit forecasts, production volumes, its opinion regarding industry tendencies, as well as its control mode”, - commented the magazine’s analysts.

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Forest Industry magazine annually publishes the ranking of the most transparent Russian forest industry companies. Selection of the study comprises 20 companies which are high on the list of Top-50 largest forest industry companies in terms of revenue and which proved to be the most transparent in 2018.