Ilim Group takes efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak

Ilim Group takes prevention and control efforts to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Группа «Илим» предпринимает меры для противодействия распространению COVID-19

An Advisory Pandemic Team in the Head Office in St. Petersburg, and mill-based disease prevention teams are up and running. The Corporate Coronavirus impact Team has weekly meetings led by CEO. Ilim Group is closely monitoring the latest developments on the coronavirus outbreak in Russia and worldwide and the potential impact of the epidemic on all material aspects of the Company’s business.

Ilim Group mills are classified as facilities with a continuous production cycle. Presently, all Ilim mills continue to operate as usual maintaining a high alert mode. The Company takes all necessary control and prevention efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees. Some employees who are not engaged in continuous production process have been transferred to a remote work mode, elderly people who are most susceptible to the virus have been temporarily disengaged from the working process and sent home for a mandatory quarantine.

All business trips including business trips within Russia are banned. All employees arriving from abroad are self-isolated and kept under medical supervision. All Ilim's locations have introduced procedures for disease (COVID-19) prevention based on the action plan to combat the epidemic recommended by Rospotrebnadzor. Shift personnel supporting the operations are provided with PPE.

Ilim Group has been continuously interacting with the authorities of the cities where it operates regarding availability of anti-coronavirus protective gear and equipment in the healthcare institutions. Ilim Group Charity Fund co-financed the purchase of NIV systems, bactericide irradiators/ air recirculators, protective outwear, medical masks, disposable gloves, and anticeptic agents, which will be delivered to the city hospitals in April.

The Russian government has put Ilim Group on the list of companies which are strategically important for the Russian economy and are the largest employers in their industry.

Ilim Group continues to fulfill all of its obligations to the partners. both in terms of P&P product output volumes and delivery schedules.