Ilim Group is scouting for innovative start-ups

Ilim Groups has launched scouting for start-ups on the basis of GenerationS corporate accelerator created by RVC

Группа «Илим» открывает поиск инновационных стартапов

In accordance with its development strategy, Ilim Group has determined the priority areas to develop innovations and has launched scouting for start-ups on the basis of GenerationS corporate accelerator by RVC. Ilim is eager to consider sound ideas and development opportunities aimed to implement fundamentally new technologies, products and opportunities for business development, which are not limited to the P&P industry, but cover a variety of other related industries.

When cooperating with GenerationS accelerator, Ilim Group is looking for start-up projects related to creation of new materials and products, implementation of innovative digital technologies, as well as development of best raw materials supply practices. You can find a detailed list of start-up areas of interest on the Company’s accelerator page.

Application deadline is December 14, 2018. Ilim and GenerationS experts will perform a joint application assessment and select the most promising teams, which will have the opportunity to continue cooperation with the partner on a long-term basis, or to receive funding under the Ilim Innovations program.

“Launching scouting for the Russian and foreign start-ups is the first step towards development of the open innovations and crowdsourcing concepts. We are looking not simply for ready-to-use technologies, products, and technology partners, but also for strong development teams that are in the innovation-driven development mainstream in Ilim’s key focus areas, which are defined based on the changes in the strategic context, global megatrends, and future consumption patterns. In the future, we are planning to actively expand the mechanisms of collaboration with the innovation environment in Russia and abroad, making the most of external expert reviews to accelerate the development and launch of the products fundamentally new for Ilim,” – said Dmitry Grechkin, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Development, Ilim Group.

“Ilim Group corporate accelerator is a tool aimed to find fundamentally new innovative areas of business development through interaction with technology start-ups, joint search for and creation of new products that are and will remain in demand in the future. Participation in the international GAN association by Techstars will help GenerationS accomplish this mission, as the Company will be able to select start-ups in various business areas around the world,” – said Ekaterina Petrova, director of GenerationS corporate accelerator.

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Ilim Group is the leader of the Russian pulp and paper industry in terms of market share, output and investment volumes, and one of the industry leaders globally. International Paper, the world's largest pulp and paper manufacturer, is the strategic partner of Ilim Group. Over the past few years, Ilim Group has invested USD 3.2 billion to develop its own mills, which is an unprecedented figure for the Russian pulp and paper industry. In 2017, Ilim Group’s sites reached a record-high output of 3.3 million tons of market products. Presently, Ilim Group supplies its products to more than 70 countries worldwide.


GenerationS is a federal platform for corporate acceleration tools development. It has been held by RVC* since 2013. At present, the infrastructure of the accelerator includes more than 14,000 start-ups from 30 countries, 400 corporate and ecosystem partners. In 2018, GenerationS became the first Russian accelerator to be approved by the Global Accelerator Network (GAN)

* JSC Russian Venture Company (JSC RVC) is a state fund of funds and an institution for development of the Russian venture capital market.