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Vladimir Slavutskiy

Vice-President, GR & PR, Advisor to the Board of Directors

  • In 1979, Vladimir graduated from the Moscow State University of Food Technologies with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • In 1979-1980 Vladimir worked at Rospischeremmash, Moscow experimental mill.
  • In 1982-1985 he held a lead engineer position at the Department of the Microbiological Industry Office of the Council of the Ministers of the USSR, Equipment and Configuration.
  • In 1985-1991, he worked as process engineer and deputy head of plant at the Automation and Instrumentation Engineering Research Institute in Moscow.
  • In 1992-2006 Vladimir worked at ZAO Ilim Pulp as a lead subject matter expert, head of the foreign trade department, and Director of the Moscow Representative Office.
  • Since 2007 – Deputy CEO/ Director of the Moscow Representative Office.
  • Since April 2010 – Deputy CEO/GR Director, OJSC Ilim Group.
  • Since 2013 – Vice-President, GR & PR, JSC Ilim Group.