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Lomko Aleksei

Chief Executive Officer of Ilim Group

  • Aleksei Lomko is one of key opinion leaders in corporate law, management, legal support, and re-engineering of large companies.
  • Mr Lomko is a graduate of the Ural Legal Academy and holds MBA degrees from the Northwestern University (U.S.) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • He joined Ilim Group in 2005 as Deputy Director Legal.
  • Aleksei stood at the origin of the corporate formation of Ilim Group. In 2007, he took charge of the Group’s Legal Department that provided legal support for establishment of a Russian-American joint venture and its investment activity.
  • When the management architecture was changed in 2013, Mr Lomko was appointed Vice President Legal and later in 2018 became Senior Vice President Legal. He interacted directly with the Board of Directors and served as acting CEO on multiple occasions.
  • Aleksei received awards for his excellent performance, including those from Ilim Group’s Board of Directors.