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General Shareholders’ Meeting

The General Shareholders’ Meeting is the supreme governing body of JSC Ilim Group. JSC Ilim Group is fully compliant with all procedures ensuring equal execution of shareholders rights to participate in management of the Company by taking decisions pertaining to the Company's activity at the General Shareholders’ Meetings. Preparation for, convocation, and holding of the General Shareholders Meetings are performed in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation,  the Company’s Articles of Association and the Regulations on the General Shareholders’ Meeting.


In the period from 25.08.2016 to 25.10.2017 JSC "Ilim Group" the following General Meetings of Shareholders were convened:

The date of the Date of compiling the list of participants Form of conduct Date of the results message
30.11.2017 05.11.2017 Заочное голосование 06.12.2017 pdf,217.02 кБ
21.09.2017 28.07.2017 Собрание 26.09.2017 pdf,215.46 кБ
09.06.2017 15.05.2017 Собрание 15.06.2017 pdf,216.34 кБ
03.02.2017 09.01.2017 Заочное голосование 09.02.2017 pdf,232.94 кБ
02.12.2016 07.11.2016 Заочное голосование 08.12.2016 pdf,230.72 кБ
31.10.2016 06.09.2016 Собрание 02.11.2016 pdf,216.37 кБ