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JSC Ilim Group pays out dividends to shareholders as resolved by the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The amount of dividends is defined based on the resolution of the General Shareholders’ Meeting taking into account the recommendations of the Company's Board of Directors.


JSC Ilim Group pays out dividends

Decision-making date Date of forming a list on dividend payments Payout period Dividend amount SND D2 VALUES*
09.06.2017 20.06.2017 2016 60 kopecks D1 = 20 kopecks D2 = RUB 0
02.12.2016 13.12.2016 9 months of 2016 RUB 3.2 D1 = RUB 19,593,897,427. 20 D2 = RUB 0
09.06.2016 20.06.2016 2015 23 kopecks D1 = RUB 1,408,311,377.5 8 D2 = RUB 0
27.12.2015 07.01.2016 9 months of 2015 67 kopecks D1 = RUB 4,102,472,273.8 3 D2 = RUB 1,073,705,300.80

* In accordance with par. 9 of article 42 of Federal Law No. 208-FZ of December 26, 1995 on Joint Stock Companies, all dividends for 2007, 9 months of 2010, for 2010, and 2011 declared by the Company but not claimed by shareholders within 3 years after the relevant dividend payout resolution, shall be included in the Company’s retained earnings.

Information on D, and D indicators is disclosed in accordance with the requirements of par. 5.1 of article 275 of the Russian Tax Code. D, is the total amount of dividends to be distrusted to JSC Ilim Group shareholders. D2 is the total amount of dividends received by JSC Ilim Group by the time of dividend distribution to the shareholders.

Dividend payout period after the date to determine persons eligible to receive dividends:

Nominee shareholder (beneficial owner) - 10 working days

Persons registered in the Company’s Shareholder Register - 25 business days

In order to secure shareholders’ rights to receive dividends, JSC Ilim Group’s shareholders are reminded of the need to promptly notify the Registrar of any changes in their details, including the banking details for payment of income on securities and/or mailing address recorded in the register of holders of registered securities of JSC Ilim Group.

If a person having a personal account fails to provide information on any change in their details, the Issuer, the Registrar and the Depositary shall not be liable for losses caused to said person by such failure in accordance with par. 16 of article 8.2. of the Federal Law No.39-FZ of April 22, 1996 on Securities Market. To update personal or representatives’ details or data on representatives, and banking details for payout of dividends (including INN), shareholders must submit a registered entity questionnaire to the Registrar keeping the register of holders of registered securities of JSC Ilim Group.