Ilim Group’s revenue increases by 40% in 2018

According to Ilim Group’s annual report for 2018 (RAS), its financial performance has improved significantly vs 2017. In 2018, the revenue amounted to RUB 155.7 bn (vs RUB 110.4 bn in 2017), income before tax — RUB 45.3 bn (vs RUB 24.1 bn in 2017), net profit — RUB 35.6 bn (vs RUB 18.9 bn in 2017).

Production volumes also increased in 2018 to reach 3.4 million tons. A positive trend was retained with respect to all types of products. Last year Ilim Group mills produced 2.1 million tons of pulp, 870 thousand tons of packaging materials, 340 thousand tons of white papers, 80 thousand tons of forest chemicals and 229 million m2 of corrugated packaging. Ilim has thus retained its leadership in the pulp and paper market in terms of volumes.

Ilim Group builds its business strategy on the application of state-of-the-art technology, rational use of natural resources, and mitigation of environmental risks at all production stages. In 2018, more than RUB 11 bn were allocated to environmental actions aimed to reduce the environmental impact and implement BAT, including environmental CAPEX spent during the implementation of strategic investment projects.

2018 was one of the most financially strong years for Ilim. We delivered operating EBITDA of RUB 73 billion. We have reached another record high market product output," said Kseniia Sosnina, Chief Executive Officer of JSC Ilim Group. «Ilim has a strong focus on operational and commercial excellence. We have an increasing number of digital and product innovations in the pipeline. We consider our employees’ competencies development and social infrastructure improvement projects in the regions where Ilim operates to be crucially important. The investment program implementation process is in full swing. In 2018 our CAPEX investments exceeded RUB 23 billion. Our investment program is focused on several key areas: strategic development of the mills, environment, and upgrade and efficiency improvement of our assets. During implementation of our projects we are guided by best available technologies, high environmental standards and global best practices. We see a wide range of opportunities for further development and growth.»