Ilim Group spends more than RUB 700 million on charity and social projects in 2019

Ilim Group takes stock of its performance in 2019

Группа «Илим» в 2019 году направила на благотворительные и социальные проекты более 700 млн рублей

Over the last year, Ilim Group allocated more than RUB 700 million to charity and social projects in the regions where the Company operates with initiatives relating to support of healthcare, education, junior and amateur sport, as well as provision of support and care for orphans, individuals with disabilities and disabled children being among the key focus areas.

The resolution to support a particular program is passed by the mill-based Advisory Expert Councils of Ilim Garant Fund, which include representatives of the regional authorities, public, youth and sports organizations, as well as representatives of Ilim Group.

Development of the logistics infrastructure involving construction of a new airport in Ust-Ilimsk became one of the largest projects implemented as part of Ilim's social and economic partnership with the Irkutsk Oblast Government. lim Group has allocated more than RUB 100 million to this project.