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Aharvester-forwarder tandem allows for harvesting ofupto60 thousand cubic meters oftimber per year.

Harvesting technologies

Atthe moment, Ilim Group possesses the largest modern multifunctional logging equipment fleet inRussia.

Training of logging equipment operators

Ilim Group organized training oflogging equipment operators onthe basis ofits service center inKoryazhma, the Arkhangelsk Oblast.

Satellite system controlling wood deliveries

Ilim Group became the first company inRussian forest industry toimplement asatellite system controlling wood deliveries.

Pulp production

At the moment, Ilim Group produces over 66%ofall Russian market pulp.

Evaporator station

The capacity ofanew evaporator station inKoryazhma will reach 600 tons ofwater per hour.

Corrugated production

The plant ofIlim Group isequipped with 4processing lines ofMartin company.

The neutral sulfite semi-chemical pulp plant

Neutral sulfite semi-chemical pulp plant in Koryazhma is the biggest plant in the world to produce this kind of product.