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Company expectations from employees

The key attribute of a successful company employee is being «results-oriented». A valuable employee is able to act according to the circumstances, pursue the results, neither postponing the solution of issues nor multiplying bureaucracy.

Other corporate standards include:

  • Professionalism — to possess unique and up-to-date knowledge and have the capability to apply this knowledge; one's own competent vision and opinion; as well as the capability to achieve results.
  • Initiative — to make proposals on new projects, optimize functions and business processes; show desire to participate in project and work groups; and contribute to performance improvement.
  • Responsibility — to achieve results within the set timeframe; to be ready to bear responsibility for failure to fulfill duties; to effectively balance personal objectives/results and the objectives/results of the company.
  • Resourcefulness and capability to find non-routine solutions — to be internal entrepreneurs of the Company, generating new solutions and projects outside the range of standard duties, job functions or business based on either a new combination of traditional approaches and processes or their non-standard application.
  • Loyalty — involvement in the activities of the company and its brand; avoidance of destructive negative criticism and readiness to participate in solution of company problems. All employees and managers are obliged to use company assets only for improvement and development of Ilim Group's business and not for self-profit or individual career promotion.
  • Focus on cooperation with fellow employees — readiness to participate in cross-functional teams and projects; giving positive and effective response to the requests of co-workers from other company divisions; readiness to share information. Efforts to establish barriers between divisions, competition for information and status, influence on functional divisions, sabotage of requests and appeals shall be considered destructive activity.