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Koryazhma branch

The first production line of the Mill was placed in service in 1961. The second stage was completed in 1964-1965. The third stage of the project involved construction of a papermaking plant with Russian equipment designed to manufacture high-quality printing paper, which was commissioned in 1972.

Koryazhma Branch

Koryazhma Branch is one of the largest wood chemical Mills in Europe.


  • bleached hardwood kraft pulp,
  • kraftliner,
  • fluting,
  • offset printing paper,
  • cut-size paper,
  • coated paper Omela (official website of the product)
  • wood chemicals and biochemical products.

Production capacity

Capacity of the Koryazhma Branch is over 1 mln tons of pulp per year.

Market share

The Branch's share in the total amount of Russia-manufactured products is 15% for market pulp. About 50% of the Mill's products are supplied to the domestic market, the rest being exported to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.


Quality and EHS management systems of the Koryazhma Branch comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards.

The Mill's products have been certified to the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Wood Procurement

The Koryazhma Branch is supplied with wood by the Forest Branch in Koryazhma, which manages logging operations in the Arkhangelsk Region and the Republic of Komi. The Branch's forest management and chain of custody systems has been certified in accordance with FSC requirements.

NSSC Plant

A state-of-the-art neutral sulfite semi-chemical pulp (NSSC) plant was officially opened by Ilim Group in Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk Oblast. It is the world’s largest plant manufacturing this product type.

The plant has only cutting-edge equipment. For Ilim Group, the use of the advanced technologies means solid prospects of company development, reduction of the environmental impact, better working conditions and improved employee skills.

Construction of the new plant was a priority investment for the Company projects, and over RUR 1.7 billion was invested to implement it. Capacity of the new plant is 900 tons of NSSC per day, or 310,000 tons per year.

Implementation of this project is an important step towards development of the core production and the infrastructure at the Koryazhma Branch of Ilim Group. The startup of the new NSSC pulp plant increases the availability of high quality fiber used in the manufacture of containerboards, while at same time consuming less wood per ton of pulp then conventional pulping Construction of the plant allows to cut the manufacturing costs of quality board and raises production output by more than 40,000 tons per year.

The plant employs the most cutting-edge technologies, enabling it to reduce pollutant discharges by 15-20%.

Big Koryazhma

The purpose of the project is to supply high quality domestically produced paper to the Russian market. Investments into this project total USD 270 million. The new cut-size line in Koryazhma completed in 2013. Russia's most advanced state-of-the art paper machine after reaching production capacity will produce more than 150,000 tons of office paper and to 90,000 tons of coated offset paper per year. Big Koryazhma has the status of a priority investment project.